Progressive Salary Increase: The Secret to Retaining Top Talent 


A secret is waiting to be uncovered in the competitive business world, where top talent is the key to success. Suppose you want to attract and retain the most talented employees. In that case, you need to go beyond the standard methods of recruitment and perks and employ the strategic art of incremental compensation improvement.  In […]

Revolutionise Your Performance Management with Eazio

performance management

To succeed in the current fast-paced, competitive corporate environment, efficient performance management is vital. Also, HR professionals and managers constantly seek innovative solutions to streamline performance appraisal strategies. In fact, that’s where Eazio comes into the picture! Eazio is a cutting-edge performance management platform that offers a monthly review system and extensive commenting features. Eazio […]

How to Hire the Best and Brightest: Discovering Top Talent


Finding and keeping top talent is crucial in today’s dynamic business environment. Hiring top talent requires striking a fine balance between being open to new ideas and respecting established practices.  In this blog post, we will embark on a journey of discovery, uncovering the top 7 secrets to successful hiring while embracing the spirit of […]

The Rise of HR Automation: Enhancing Productivity and Accuracy 

HR automtion

To keep up with the rapid pace of modern business, companies are always looking for new ways to improve efficiency and output. The emergence of HR automation has allowed companies to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies to simplify operations, boost productivity, and strengthen precision.   This article will discuss the dramatic increase in HR automation and […]

How to Make the Most of Your HR Platform Data 

HR Platform Data

Data collected by HR platform can be a precious asset for any business. Indeed, with the right strategies and approaches, this data can be used to make thoughtful decisions and create a better overall workplace.   Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your HR platform data. To clarify, these strategies can […]

Your Individual Development Plan: A Roadmap to Your Professional Success!  


Maintaining one’s professional development is a necessity in today’s demanding business environment. As employees, we aim to improve ourselves, expand our knowledge, and realise our full potential. Here’s when an Individual Development Plan (IDP) comes in handy.   Your development plan (IDP) is a roadmap to your professional success. It is a powerful tool that empowers employees […]

3 Ways to Unlock the Benefits of HR Platforms for Your Employees

benefits of HR platforms

Are you looking for ways to help your people have a more productive and practical work experience? As a business leader, you understand the benefits of HR platforms in providing your people with the support and resources they need for success. That’s why investing in a Human Resources platform can be an excellent move for […]

5 Undeniable Reasons to Love The HR Platform

To love your HR platform

As an experienced HR professional, we can not stress enough the importance of having a solid HR platform. It’s the backbone of any successful HR department and, as a result, makes managing tasks such as performance management, employee engagement, and payroll much more accessible.   With the right HR platform, you can ensure that your people operations […]

7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions of HR Platforms

HR platforms

Are you considering investing in a human resources management platform for your company? HR platforms include the capabilities required for managing people, performance and onboarding new employees.   Depending on the HR platforms, they may also include employee records, monitoring time & attendance, and processing payroll.   Here are the 7 most frequently asked questions about […]